Alomia boudoir

West Coast Outdoor Boudoir And Beauty
Published June 29, 2023
We've met in South Surrey on a beautiful beach. I fell in love as soon I saw the location that Miss L choose for her magical shoot. It was the perfect spot as we wanted to have a bit of the beach and the feeling of a country side. Miss L is a Feminine Embodiment Coach and wanted to treat herself to an outdoor boudoir / beauty shoot. This will give her a variety of unique images that she can feature on her social media platforms and her business website.
Unforgettable 60th Birthday Celebration
Published June 16, 2023
The first time I've met Miss R was back in 2014. She met me in the park and we've created beauty shots to celebrate her 50th birthday. Miss R had so much fun that she came back to see me for another milestone birthday her 60th. What a better way to celebrate then to treat yourself to an amazing experience. She was also hit with Cancer for the second time and went through major surgeries and this shoot was a celebration for herself!
BRIDAL Boudoir ~ The Ultimate Wedding Gift For Your Hunny And YOU!
Published January 24, 2023
Getting married is one of the most exciting times in a Bride's life. It's the beginning to your new future with the one you love, and what better gift than a shared memory that will last the test of time.

Bridal boudoir is becoming one of the hottest trends among Brides around the world. Body positivity is so important and we are excited to be able to create a beautiful time capsule of an incredible start to your new and exiting life.
Your Confidence Will Soar And You'll Love The Skin You're In!
Published December 19, 2022
This babe returned for her 2nd shoot with me! Did I mention that boudoir can be very, very addicting....you're damn right it is! Maybe you should try it for yourself.

Once you break loose from those "fear shackles" and experience your first boudoir session, there is no turning back! You will become addicted and think to yourself, "why did I wait so long for this moment in my life".
Empowering, Sophisticated and Exhilarating...
Published September 13, 2022
I finally got to do a shoot with my longtime friend and I'm absolutely ecstatic with the magic we crated. Miss A came to me to help her create the perfect sexy little gift for her man. She gave him images of her gorgeous self on his birthday and he was blown away with the surprise.

You’re Never Too Old for Boudoir Photography!
Published May 10, 2022
Who knew 58 could look this Amazing! If you ever thought that you are too old for boudoir, please think again. Miss C visited me to create a very desirable gift for her hubby but most importantly to treat herself to the Greatest Confidence Boosting Experience of Her Life!
Boudoir Is The Ultimate Self Care!
Published March 25, 2022
I often receive messages from ladies that are unsure about themselves... they ask me questions that stem from doubt and insecurity -- that honest belief that for whatever reason they aren't "good enough", "hot enough", or "experienced enough" for boudoir photography. Personally, I'm not surprised by this all too common assumption, but not because it's the truth (ehm,it’s bullshit!), but because it's easy and the safe route to undervalue yourself and view boudoir photography as an art form only reserved for the likes of celebrities and super models.
Shine Bright Like A Diamond
Published February 22, 2022
Miss J entrusted me to create some truly fantastic images of her gorgeous self — not only her hunny, but most importantly herself. This was Miss J's first boudoir shoot and she rocked it as she was fully prepared by following my Boudoir PREPARATION GUIDE and completing the pre-shoot survey.
Living The High Life with Miss Kerosene!
Published February 11, 2022
Miss Kerosene is an international plus size model, alternative muse, and body positive spokesperson. She returned for her 3rd shoot with me to update her portfolio and show off her dope lingerie.
Boudoir Can Be Very, Very Addicting!
Published February 3, 2022
This babe returned for her 3rd shoot with me! Did I mention that boudoir can be very, very addicting....you're damn right it is! Maybe you should try it for yourself.
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